1st Great Somerford Brownies

1st Great Somerford Brownies meet in Goss Croft Hall, the new community hall for Seagry, Startly and Great Somerford.
Brownies is for girls aged 7 to 10 years and offers girls the chance to learn more about themselves, their community and the world in a safe girl only environment. Brownies follow a programme called the Brownie adventure and earn a yearly badge for their participation.
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August 2017

Just before Easter the Brownies joined the local Guides on their trip to see Disney on Ice.
Over the summer term the Brownies took part in the local church flower festival and also enjoyed exploring the churchyard locating the oldest graves. The Brownies are taking it in turns to take home one of the toy Guide dog puppies we received when the girls raised enough money to sponsor two real puppies.
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They have considered the difference between rights and responsibilities, talked about what is and is not fair in the world, followed trails of tracking signs, enjoyed an evening of water games, had another visit from Guide dog puppy Pax, made fruit kebabs and been on a sleepover at a local village hall. The girls have a lot of input into what we do each term and learn a lot about working as a group from the activities. The girls will tell you they are having fun and playing games, which they are a lot of the time, but the “games” are also teaching them life skills and confidence, a great combination.
We have places at the moment, so why not come and join us?
If you would like your daughter to be a Brownie please contact Jan Smith somerfordbrownowl@btinternet.com for more details

March 2017

Recent activities have included working towards the Brownie friend to animals badge where we explored such issues as endangered animals, camouflage and finished the badge by meeting a Guide dog puppy called Pax and he was so well behaved!
Last term the Brownies enjoyed a sleepover in Malmesbury combined with a visit to the Athelstan players pantomime.
We started the new year with an ‘After Christmas back to front ,upside down and backwards Party’ where the girls were greeted with a cheery ‘Goodbye it’s been lovely seeing you,’ and played backwards party games like musical chairs which started with a single chair that everyone tried to sit on and ended with a chair for everyone. Food was eaten under the table! and finally the girls were waved off with cries of ‘Hello lovely to see you’.
Following their meeting with Pax, the girls have decided they would like to sponsor a Guide dog puppy and to that end are busy making things to sell at a a pop-up craft stall on March 15th.
brownies Great Somerford Brownies Present
A pop-up craft stall
at Goss Croft Hall Upper Seagry
on March 15th from 5.45 to 6.45pm.
Mother’s Day gifts, suncatchers,
Easter treasure boxes and decorations.
Bring and buy. Refreshments.
In aid of Guide Dogs for the blind.

If you would like your daughter to be a Brownie please contact Jan Smith, somerfordbrownowl@btinternet.com for more details.