Great Somerford (incorporating Startley) Neighbourhood Plan

This page will be used by the Great Somerford (incorporating Startey) neighbourhood steering committee to keep the local community fully informed about progress with the neighbourhood plan.

Great Somerford (including Startley) Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The poll will take place on Thursday 23rd November 2017 in the Community Room.
For your information, the recommendations of Mr John Slater, the external examiner,
have been implemented in full.

The main points are :-
1. Broadfield Farm is now included in the plan with approximately 18 dwellings (now
designated Site NP1)
2. The overall number of dwellings to be approximately 35
3. Site NP1 in the draft NP (Seagry Road) has been deleted
4. Site NP5 in the draft NP (behind the Police house) has been deleted
5. The settlement boundaries (limits of development) of items “3” and “4” above have been returned to their positions prior to being amended during development of the plan

The total number of affordable homes to be included in the numbers above is approximately 10.
Additionally, Sites NP2 (Dauntsey Road), NP3 (Frog Lane) and NP4 (Brook Farm) remain.

Also, importantly, all the green spaces identified in the plan are to be protected.

Full details of the modified plan for referendum are available for inspection in normal opening hours at :-

  • Fourways Stores, Great Somerford, Chippenham, SN15 5EL
  • Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, BA14 8JQ
  • Wiltshire Council, Monkton Park offices, Monkton Hill, Chippenham, SN15 1ER
  • Malmesbury Library, Cross Hayes, Malmesbury, SN16 9BG
  • The documents are also available for public viewing on Wiltshire Council’s website at:

    Please find below a map detailing the location of the proposed sites.

    The question which will be asked in the referendum is :-

    ‘Do you want Wiltshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Great Somerford (incorporating Startley) to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

    The Parish Councillors and members of the Steering Committee support the Neighbourhood Plan above. If you vote ‘YES’, you will be helping to control development and protect our Green Open spaces.

    We hope that as many eligible parishioners as possible will vote in this important referendum.

    Steve Mansfield – Chair, Great Somerford Parish Council
    Sid Jevons – Chair, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

    Map of proposed sites

    Neighbourhood Plan Update – November 2017

    A referendum relating to the Great Somerford (incorporating Startley) Neighbourhood Plan will be held on Thursday, 23 November 2017.

    Further information can be found on the Wiltshire Council website: Neighbourhood Planning – Latest Progress

    Minutes of the Steering Group meetings and meetings with Wiltshire Council are recorded in the 2016 Neighbourhood Plan: Appendix A

    Neighbourhood Plan Update – August 2017

    NP Update for PC Notice Board

    Neighbourhood Plan Update – March 2017

    Wiltshire Council – Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Portal

    Neighbourhood Plan Update – February 2017

    The independent examiner has now carried out his initial assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan and all accompanying documents (including comments made during the consultation period) and has decided that a public hearing would be appropriate. The purpose of this hearing is to help the inspector conclude how the NP meets certain basic conditions.
    The public hearing will be held in Goss Croft Hall on Wednesday March 22nd starting at 10.00am and is open to all members of the public.
    Further information and updates can be found at:

    Wiltshire Council – Neighbourhood Planning Areas

    Neighbourhood Plan Update – January 2017

    Please note the following update on the Wiltshire website (scroll down until you reach the section on Great Somerford).

    Wiltshire Council – Neighbourhood Planning Areas

    Also, the examiner has confirmed that it is his intention to start the examination of the Neighbourhood Plan on 23 January 2017. If considered acceptable by the examiner, it will proceed to the village referendum. The timescale of this next step is not yet finalised and information will be posted when available.

    Posted on behalf of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

    Letter to Gleeson Strategic Land – December 2016

    The following letter was sent to Gleeson Strategic Land in December 2016 by Sid Jevons on behalf of Great Somerford inc Startley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The letter was sent in order to correct several items of misinformation criticising the Neighbourhood Plan – Letter to Gleeson

    Neighbourhood Plan – 2016

    The Neighbourhood Plan has been issued for public consultation from October 10th to November 21st 2016.

    The Great Somerford (incorporating Startley) Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to Wiltshire Council on 15 September 2016. The consultation started on 10 October 2016 and was due to end on 21 November. However, the consultation period has now been extended until 5pm on Friday 23 December 2016 to provide everyone who has interest in the Plan the opportunity to comment.
    Wiltshire Council has assured the Parish Council that following the close of the consultation every effort would be made to move quickly towards the examination of the Plan and avoid any unnecessary delay.

    Wiltshire Council – Consultation Portal
    Wiltshire Council – Great Somerford (incorporating Startley) Neighbourhood Plan Consultation (Regulation 16)

    Neighbourhood Plan – Appendix A

    A1 – Minutes of Steering Group
    2014 – Apr 2nd
    2014 – May 1st
    2014 – May 16th
    2014 – May 29th
    2014 – June 13th
    2014 – June 26th
    2014 – Aug 18th
    2014 – Sept 1st
    2014 – Oct 3rd
    2014 – Oct 15th
    2014 – Oct 24th
    2014 – Dec 1st
    2014 – Dec 8th
    2014 – Dec 15th
    2014 – Dec 22nd

    2015 – Jan 19th
    2015 – Feb 2nd
    2015 – Feb 16th
    2015 – March 2nd
    2015 – June 22nd
    2015 – June 25th
    2015 – June 16th
    2015 – July 3rd
    2015 – Aug 17th
    2015 – Aug 24th
    2015 – Aug 31st
    2015 – Sept 7th
    2015 – Sept 23rd
    2015 – Oct 20th

    A2 – Meetings with Wiltshire Council
    A2 – GSNP SG reports of meetings with WC
    A2 – Great Somerford Neighbourhood Plan Options Paper
    A2 – Great Somerford Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Agenda
    A2 – Meetings with WC
    A2 – Meeting with WC March 2015

    Neighbourhood Plan – October 2015

    The Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Wiltshire Council for final checking before the final submission.

    Neighbourhood Plan – July 2015 – Consultation

    A six-week consultation period starts on Monday 6th July 2015 and ends on Sunday 16th August. Feedback on the Neighbourhood Plan can be given to the steering group.

    Mail Drop – 6 Week Consultation – June 2015

    Contact details:

    Sid Jevons 01249 720346
    John McGrath 01249 721589
    Mel Hourigan 01249 720545 (office hrs) or
    01249 721239 (ev & w/ends)
    Tony Gregson 01249 721720

    Neighbourhood Plan – Survey Results & Consultation Phase – March 2015

    The following letter, which has been sent to all parishioners, summarises the results of the Neighbourhood Plan survey and outlines the consultation phase.
    Public Survey Results & Consultation Phase

    Entry in March edition of The Signpost.
    March Signpost

    There will be two consultation sessions in the Community Room of the School on Sunday March 8th, from 10 am to 12 noon and on Thursday March 12th, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. All are welcome.

    Neighbourhood Plan Open Meetings – Feedback – September 2014

    Feedback from the Neighbourhood Plan public meetings held in September 2014. The document summarises the results and the next steps.
    Public Meeting Feedback & Next Steps

    Neighbourhood Plan Open Meetings – September 2014

    There will be two open sessions for you to have your say about the future of your parish – at the School Hall, Water Powell School.

    Do come along on:
    Sunday 21st September from 10am to 2pm
    Tuesday 23rd September from 6pm to 9pm

    Public Meeting Slides – Sept 2014

    Neighbourhood Plan Open Meeting – July 17th 2014

    Public Meeting Notes
    Public Meeting Slides – July 2014

    Background Information

    Great Somerford (incorporating Startley) neighbourhood area designation application – great_somerford_npdesig.htm

    Wiltshire Council Planning Information

    Wiltshire council neighbourhood planning portal – neighbourhoodplanning.htm
    What is neighbourhood planning? – nppwhatisneighbourhoodplanning.htm
    Neighbourhood plans in Wiltshire – nppwiltshirefrontrunners.htm

    Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan

    Malmesbury neighbourhood steering group –