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bee photoA friendly bunch – lovers of our Countryside and Nature – Kind and caring Beekeepers keen to do whatever we can to help preserve the beleaguered honey bee.
Can you remember the excited hum of bees working lime trees at blossom time? When did you see honey bees collecting pollen and nectar in your own garden? Likely and, sadly this was probably some time ago.

bee hives photo We thought it time to set about learning more about bees, and now keep them ourselves more as nature intended, in small, natural and sustainable way. Bees had survived and prospered for forty million years doing it all for themselves before ‘man’ came along to show them how to do it better! Now look where they are – in great danger!
Bees are in mortal threat of disappearing throughout the world. It would seem from a number of causes: Modern agri/horticulture with chemical cocktails, and now genetic seed modification have been accused. Intensive honey farming methods are not without blame in encouraging spread of the Varroa Destructor mite, and other stress related diseases.

bee hives photo With the generous understanding of Village land-owners we have an apiary ‘secreted in the woods’ of Great Somerford, and similarly at Little Somerford, where, encouraged by the finds of other ‘natural beekeepers’ these three simple principles will surely help our bees – from Phil Chandler who has helped us greatly; see

1. Interference in the natural lives of the bees is kept to a minimum

2. Nothing is put into the hive that is known to be, or likely to be harmful either to the bees, to us or to the wider environment and nothing is taken out that the bees cannot afford to lose

3. The bees know what they are doing: our job is to listen to them and provide the optimum conditions for their well-being.

bee hives photoYOU can help too! By planting more Flowers! Even a tiny patch of garden growing the right flowers will help. We have written a list of ‘easy’ flowering plants providing both nectar and pollen for the honey and bumbles. To get your copy email to: use the subject ‘Flower List for Bees’. If you have a hankering to look into a hive (we’ll find you a veil)! or to help us in any-other-way… buzz an email over to address as above, with subject – ’Bee Help’, and we’ll be back to you with more information on ‘Somerford Beekeepers.


John Rippon

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